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Powering Up With Perendev Magnetic Motor Plans

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Are you tired of the high cost of electricity? The Perendev Magnetic Motor may be the solution you are looking for! It is similar to the magnetic powered motors you may be familiar with but there is something that sets it apart from the rest. Its magnets! Instead of having to periodically replace the magnets and incurring huge expenses when you do, the special magnets in this motor never wear out. Not to mention, it has the potential to produce significantly more kilowatt power than the average motor of its type. Currently, you cannot find them in stores but if you are into do-it-yourself projects, especially ones that have the potential to save you money, there is a solution for you.

For many years, people have been blazing the trail for others when it comes to these remarkable motors. They have been building them without any plans. Fortunately, these trailblazers took the time to record all of their efforts. The records they kept have made it possible for Perendev Magnetic Motor plans to be available to anyone who is interested.  A quick search, using your favorite search engine, will show you site after site with information about how to obtain them for little to no cost. Many of these sites make it even easier for you to assemble your motor by providing a detailed materials list, a list of companies that sell the materials, and a video tutorial.

With some time and effort on your part, you too can join the growing ranks of people who are using Perendev Magnetic Motor plans to build their own energy producing devices. Think of how proud you will be when you can successfully put your set of plans to use and create something that could potentially be used for all of your electrical needs.

A Perendev Magnet Motor, A Peek Into The Future

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The Perendev magnet motor will revolutionize the industry.  To give a little background, magnetic motors are used to generate electricity; they are a low cost means of obtaining decent amounts of electricity.  The biggest problem with current models is they have a high maintenance cost due to the need to replace the magnets from time to time.  Perendev has claimed to have created a motor that will not require any replacements.  If true this motor could go a long way to combating many energy concerns we have now.

The device is said to generate between twenty and thirty kilowatts of power; this is enough electricity to power a handful of homes.  Most experimental devices of this type have trouble producing ten kilowatts.  The main factor is that all these devices are experimental and whether they will stand up to the rigors of use and time are not known yet.  The Perendev magnet motor is currently being developed on a commercial level to be exported and tested in many countries; though they are still many years from a mass production of the motor.  Perendev is not the only company working with magnet motor technology; there are many other companies as well as individuals that are trying to develop efficient magnetic motors.

This particular magnet driven engine could be a giant leap forward in how we generate electricity on a daily basis.  Many individuals have begun trying to develop their own motors for these purposes and the availability of DIY plans is quite high.  Taking such a project on as a hobby could lead to a decent savings on utility bills down the road, but there are a lot of factors and safety concerns to take into account.  It is not a hobby to jump into, but one that requires research and determination.

Discussing the Perendev Magnetic Motor

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I have recently been hearing a lot more about Perendev magnetic motor that apparently has been around for a long time. I feel a little bit out of the loop, but I guess learning now is better than never right? In fact, I kind of wonder if I ever would’ve learned about it if I had never moved to California. But I digress.

You probably already know this, but the basic idea behind the Perendev magnetic motor is that it will be to generate power without being hooked up to any kind of electrical grid or the burning of fossil fuels. Because right now most of our power comes from burning fuels that pollute the environment, magnetic motors are getting a lot more attention from the government right now, as it seeks ways to reduce our dependency on fuel sources that are rapidly depleting.

Troll PhysicsThe problem is, many people are very skeptical of these types of motors. They claim that a magnet in a magnetic motor will not last forever as some people claim. This is because the magnets will quickly lose their magnetic fields if put under heavy strain. They also claim that these types of motors would never be powerful enough to run modern equipment or homes and businesses.

On the other hand, there are a lot of people that say this is hogwash. They claim that these magnetic motors actually work very well. According to these advocates, the magnets will retain their magnetic fields as long as they are used properly. In fact, doing a bit of research I found people that claimed their magnets have been running just as strong after 24 years of use as they were when they were first purchased.

So which side is right? Just like with issues such as global warming, it’s hard to say. Until it becomes very commonplace for these types of motors to replace current methods of generating electricity, there will always be skeptics. However, the people who are using these motors today and have already saved a lot of money can vouch for the fact that these motors do in fact work!

Personally, I’ve never used one so I don’t have personal experience with it. I have never had a huge desire to, even after hearing about it. That said, my friend has a Perendev magnetic motor and has really enjoyed it over the last few years.

How To Obtain Drawings Of A Magnetic Motor

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How can you get your hands on some Perendev magnet motor plans? What is the Perendev motor anyway? Is it possible to get your hands on the plans and, if not, is there a good alternative?

Quick Introduction To The Perendev Motor

The Perendev Motor was invented by an Australian named Michael J. Brady and was made famous by a demonstration video made widely available several years ago.

Brady claimed to have delivered several devices in 2007 but was arrested in 2010 in Switzerland and extradited to Germany for allegedly embezzling money from German investors/customers (due to non-delivery of the devices).

Reading around the subject, from what I can tell it appears that the technology is sound but that Brady is deemed by some to be unreliable. His commercial partners have even severed ties with him because of this.

Personally speaking, I think he has not helped the magnetic motor movement. In this world of oil interests, he has probably made it even harder for those who do believe in this technology to get commercial partners.

How Can You Get Hold Of Perendev Magnet Motor Plans?

Mike Brady never released his designs to the general public so you cannot obtain them from anywhere legally.

I have searched online but all that I found was some pencil sketches and difficult-to-read photographs of old engineering drawings. These “plans” are clearly not sufficient to try to recreate this motor.

I do not know the current whereabouts of Mike Brady but if you were to find them (assuming he is not in jail) then he might be able to furnish you with them.

How To Make Your Own 7 Kilowatt Magnetic Motor Generator

The Perendev motor is simply the work of an enthusiast. There are many other similar motors such as the Bedini, Troy Reed motor and others. These are the products of several years of tinkering and testing.

If all you need is a small unit capable of powering a house and its domestic needs then you need not take the long, arduous route that these pioneers have. Instead, you can use a solid, reliable set of plans that show simple designs that are easy to follow and replicate, and with specific instructions for doing so.

You won’t find these for free unfortunately (typically, an investment of around 50 dollars is required). However, you need to think of it in other terms – the quicker you get a working motor up and running then the quicker that you will be able to stop paying for your power bills. The 50 bucks or so investment will actually save you money.

Quit paying the power company ever increasing amounts of your hard-earned cash. Get free tips on how to make your own magnetic energy generator here: Magnetic Motor Generator.

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